03/06/2013 13:43 BST | Updated 03/08/2013 06:12 BST

You Need To Hear This: Featuring Emerging Icons Dance á la Plage, Ewan Hoozami, Heart-Ships, Polar Caps and Felix Hagan & The Family

Allow us to introduce you to some of the finest fresh talent you'll find on the whole of Emerging Icons. This lot have the songwriting ability to really go far- so you'll probably want to make yourselves acquainted before everyone else starts blabbing on about them.

New music fans- your panic is officially over! Emerging Icons are back in business with our top pick of tunes to get stuffed in your ears! We've got a particularly good feeling about this lot as well.

Allow us to introduce you to some of the finest fresh talent you'll find on the whole of Emerging Icons. This lot have the songwriting ability to really go far- so you'll probably want to make yourselves acquainted before everyone else starts blabbing on about them. Come on... discovering amazing new artists first is what it's all about really, isn't it?

You can follow the links to each artist's profile to read much more about them, follow them by clicking on the star at the top of their page, find out when they've got a show... and listen to all their tunes. If you find something you like, click on the music note next to your favourite song. It'll get it added to your personal playlist, which you'll find ready and waiting for you in Emerging Icons Radio. You can now listen to this on the go via our new mobile site too! Not bad, eh?

So let's see who's got us going over at Emerging Icons HQ. These are the artists that you REALLY need to hear...

Dance À La Plage- Electric Concentric

Well this is a song for summer if ever we bloomin' heard one. From the very first guitar riff twittering like a sweet little bird chattering away in its nest, Dance à la Plage evoke a feeling that's like a the sun rising on the best day of your flipping life. But, like... significantly less cheesy. 'Electric Concentric' is a breezy indie pop number that's going to get stuck in your head for ages- so it's just as well it's a belter. (Just cos 'Gangnam Style' had the same effect on the nation doesn't necessarily make it a good song.) This Banbury-based four-piece are notoriously upbeat, and just can't help but peddle good vibes and sparkling melodies all over the show. We reckon they're gonna sound awesome when they hit our Emerging Icons stage down at Beach Break Live this summer- but for now, we're just going to be listening to this song on repeat. Heads up fans of Little Comets- this is probably your new favourite band.

Ewan Hoozami- Skin Too Deep

"DJ, Producer, Vocalist"... Ewan Hoozami forgot to mention 'bloody genius' on his Emerging Icons profile it seems. The London-based artist couldn't have come to our attention at a better time really- while the whole of the internet still seems to be belching the words 'Daft Punk' from every social media orifice, a tune like 'Skin Too Deep' is bound to settle well. He's dubbed his fresh blend of electronica, funk and hip hop as 'Robot Soul'. Think.... C-3P0 getting a bit gangster to some sexy beats in an impossibly cool nightclub by the light of a glitterball. Awesome, right? While we love the fact he's so eclectic, creative and prone to dabbling in a plethora of samples; we really should also big up the inventive nature of this fella's stage name. If it's not clicked quite yet, try reading 'Ewan Hoozami' out loud. See? Genius.

Heart-Ships- Five Forks Of Lightning

Leeds is one of the most sparkling gems when it comes to new and emerging music. Heart-Ships are one of the latest talents to burst out of its ever-fruitful scene- strengthening their position by teaming up with a label (called...'Label') from that other fine Northern musical province of Manchester. With a sound that calls to mind the majestic atmospheric quality of Arcade Fire, the drama of Patrick Wolf and a bit of Modest Mouse magic; their creative identity is fully formed and raring to go. Shortlisted for our exclusive airplay slot on Absolute Radio last week, Sarah Champion noted the sublime delicacy of Ryan Cooke's rousing voice. "The melody and stomping build take you on an exhilarating journey that definitely leaves you wanting more", she said. We have two words in response. HELLS YEAH.

Polar Caps- Solutions

While he may not be performing on the Emerging Icons stage, we're definitely going to try and find time to track down Polar Caps at Beach Break Live this June. The solo project of Londoner Owen Hughes-Holland, his cool alt pop melodies have proved utterly irresistible to our music-loving ears. We can definitely hear the influence of acts like Minus The Bear and The Postal Service in this gorgeous tune; marking this chap out for awesome things as synth-driven sparklers continue to rule the mainstream roost. The electroacoustic quality to the production offers an impossibly fresh sound to accompany his honest approach to lyricism- which he has described as being 'like a diary, in song format'. Bravery points to add on top of everything else, then. We reckon that a bright future lies ahead for this guy so make sure you learn his name sooner rather than later, eh?

Felix Hagan & The Family- Dirty Little Urchin Child

With their appearance on the Emerging Icons Stage at Beach Break Live confirmed last week, it seems only right to shine a spotlight on Felix Hagan & The Family. After all- the spotlight is where this guy needs to be. Felix Hagan is a natural showman, bringing a sense of true 'performance' to every one of his songs. These tunes are as much about the story and the drama as anything else; and every single word bursts into life with all the 'pomp, magic and madness' he can muster. If Freddie Mercury had ever decided to wear more glitter and get into musical theatre, he would have probably ended up sounding like this. According to his Webstival intro for 'Dirty Little Urchin Child', this groove-laden wondertune was borne from a true story of a 'gin-soaked romance in a night club'... enjoy.

You can check out all of our artists' Emerging Icons profiles by following the links above. If you're enjoying their tunes, why not tell them about it? Click on the comment button next to your favourites and big up their music! They're sure to appreciate it...