20/03/2015 11:06 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:59 BST

You Know You Are a Mum of Boys When.........

  1. You are forever stopping prying little eyes trying to look behind you as you have a wee as they try to fathom how you can possibly do that when you have no willy!
  2. You stop waxing your bikini line in an attempt to cover your bits from the above investigation!
  3. You give up moaning at them to flush the toilet after weeing and convince yourself that it is a good way to save water!
  4. You give your son a bowl and some lettuce for the snail he just found instead of screaming when he wiggles it in front of your face!
  5. You get outside whatever the weather and to hell with frizzy hair and soggy boots!
  6. You don't even bat an eyelid when your son spidermans up the door frame or waves at you whilst hanging upside down on the monkey bars!
  7. Every time you return home from a walk a random stick has appeared in your garden!
  8. You don't worry about the clinking noise in your washing machine as you know it is yet another stone collection piling out of school trouser pockets!
  9. Your 'no balls in the house' rule gradually becomes a 'keep it below waist height ' rule!
  10. You freely use the term 'fart' for passing wind and don't even try to jazz it up as a 'parp' or a 'pop'!
  11. You get so used to the toilet seat being up that instead of tutting and carefully putting the lid down you will, at times, squat over the already raised seat!
  12. If the toilet seat does happen to be down for a change, you know never to sit on it without first wiping it in case of any lazy dribblers who couldn't quite work out how to lift the seat!
  13. You start a karate class to hold your own when the play fights get overly rambunctious!
  14. You know all the words to the teenage mutant ninja turtle theme tune and get up to copy their martial art moves in time to the music!
  15. You know more about willies than men themselves!
  16. After initially saying you draw the line at showing appreciation for arm pit farts, you can't help but advise that a damp armpit at bath time may well help to get the optimum squelch!
  17. As much as you tried to argue your case for your hatred of guns you now have several nerf guns in combat around the house!
  18. You buy yourself a wonder women outfit - not too impress your husband in the bedroom, but to charge around with them when they are playing super heroes!

This post was originally written by Kerry Gibb for her blog My Boys And Me and can be found here.