Are You a 'Diet-a-holic'? It's Time to Fess up and Stop Living in Denial!

You beat yourself up every time another diet fails or your pants don't fit anymore, and you think you just aren't good enough. Shame and guilt take over and you think, "screw it, I'm done! ".

You have never heard the term "diet-a-holic" before, right? I just coined it after sheer frustration and despair!

Are you almost always following the latest diet? Do you find yourself believing the latest promises to make you look good and feel great after just a few weeks? You know, maybe it was the one that was recommended by a friend with surreal and fabulous results. The diet that promised you that you would lose weight only to put it all back on a month later once you start to come off of it, and join the real world of food again.

You may even find yourself on a quest for that magic wand that will make you look like a million dollars is ever on-going. Is this you?

The chances of seeing real, lasting results, with actual benefits to your health will likely never come from a fad diet. I hate to break it to you, but it's true.

Maybe you've even joined the flock, started gulping down the new shake on the block religiously, and then suddenly it all starts to seem too difficult. Or you have even joined the gym, planned to go every other day, but life started getting in the way.

What about a little reward once a week with a cookie or a can of coke for being so "good", that doesn't hurt right?

It's all good until those mind monkeys slowly start talking.

Go on, one more small bite won't kill you," "you've had a hard day, and you deserve it" or worse, "you just cannot do this."

Does that sound familiar? What about this?

You beat yourself up every time another diet fails or your pants don't fit anymore, and you think you just aren't good enough. Shame and guilt take over and you think, "screw it, I'm done! ".

Until the next time, when a new diet pops up, you get hopeful, and it all starts all over again. Are you noticing the repeat cycle?

If any of this applies to you, it is time to put down the fork and listen.

Trust me, I do feel your pain and I totally get it!

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves.

It can be hard to feel good about yourself and achieve realistic results when you spend energy believing in diets that promise the world and give you nothing but heartache.

Have you ever wondered why we are almost always flooded with new diets, meal plans, shakes and the like? Why every month there is a new "healthy" pill or diet that will turn you into the equivalent of superwoman?

It's because they don't work!

The lucrative diet industry is a marketing machine with thousands of drone followers spewing their latest garbage, and they are indeed aware of our pain points and how to trigger them. They keep throwing new ones at us. Their latest product campaigned with an army of followers, and you go on and off all the variations, fluctuating considerably in weight with a vengeance that gets worse each time.

What do you do now? You've admitted that you have a problem, and want real results, real change, and a real healthy and happy life. How do you break free from being a "diet-a-holic", eating, repenting, and repeating cycle?

Start by evolving the way you think. When you start to think about your weight, and losing some of it, think of the process as creating a healthy life one that is transformative and lasting, not instant and mystical. You cannot control weight and you cannot force your body to transform without making some sacrifices, and really evaluating your life and choices.

When you want to eat, ask yourself, are you hungry? Listen to your body's signals. Do you really need to eat or have you not been drinking enough water? Maybe instead of needing food your brain is looking for something to do, or trying to handle a stressful emotion by covering it. If you are reaching for the snack cabinet, but know you already ate dinner an hour ago, try redirecting your attention to truly meet your needs.

Take the time to get to know yourself, your body will tell you when it needs something, and everything depends on how you interpret that signal. Be nurturing and supportive towards yourself and tune into your body. Maybe you need more nutrition, or maybe you need to let your thoughts and feelings roam without judgment. Taking responsibility, accepting, and making the decision to move forward for the long run is what will ultimately make you successful, not some pill.

Do what works for you and your body, eat when you are hungry but remember to stop during the meal and think about whether you are full or not. Think about what you need.

If all those fad diets worked, the whole world would be thin by now. Stop wasting your time, energy and motivation. For once take responsibility, try being in charge of your own diet, and not in control of some fairy tale meant to take your money and nothing else. Take ownership of your power. You have power over your body, over your weight, and you are strong enough to ditch the diets and seek real transformation.

You will be amazed at what you are truly capable of.

You will soon enjoy a truly healthy body, just take simple mindful action steps to get there.

Image Credit: Sinichkin