No FOMO Here - Owning Yourself

It has begun, the talk of Christmas, here we go and the madness will not stop until January when the full gloom sets in and no one is allowed to even think about being happy until at least late February.

It has begun, the talk of Christmas, here we go and the madness will not stop until January when the full gloom sets in and no one is allowed to even think about being happy until at least late February. The ideal Christmas party dress, the sparkle overload, the fur stole combined with the bombardment of Christmas silm down diets and regimes that guarantee 14 pound weight losses before you then put on a guaranteed 16 pounds just in time for the annual event of New Years Resolutions. #NewYearNewYou

Christmas is a time that brings alot of happiness but it is also a time of severe pressure for everyone. This pressure is felt in your wallet, presents, socialising and getting all those outfits for the 75 nights out planned. The fear of missing out (FOMO) at Christmas is huge for people, more so now than ever as our entire lives are told out in an array of beautiful pictures and posts on social media. More and more people are saying that they feel their lives 'aren't enough' as they see peers and on line personas 'living the dream'. It can be difficult to look at social media objectively; I mean it's the best of the best of the best that goes up there. One thing I always bear in mind, it is just part of the story. Yes you might think, wow they have the life, but do they really? And do I really know anything about that person other than that little window into their lives on Instagram.

In order to be happy, we need to truly own ourselves, our thoughts and our minds. I always enjoy the question asked " What would you tell your 16 year old self?" Last week I was talking about this with a neighbour and a friend and my answer was simply "I wish I was just myself and owned my thoughts and opinions" As a teenager I know it is hard to go against the grain and own what you actually want to do yourself. I mean I wanted to stay playing sport but my teenage self wanted to rebel against my always encouraging father #Horse and head to Shop Street and stand there for hours eating cheese Doritos and pretend to smoke.

But in my more wise years, I know now that everything we do is just part of our bigger journey. Like FOMO I had that for all my early 20s and now I honestly don't think I have felt FOMO since I was 26, you see I found out what truly makes me happy and it isn't what society has lead me and my generation to be what it 'should be'.

We are preconditioned to tell people what they want to hear because it is often an easier option; I however have always been a little more vocal about how I feel about things and have no real problems telling people that I am just not that into Christmas. My friend Martina, tells me she knew she liked me after an initial meeting around Christmas time three years ago asked what I was up to for Christmas and was I excited? I just answered honestly but in sarcastic manner about the face of Christmas we must all put on.

The pressure be happy and really present that you have it all is never as prevalent as it is at Christmas, families are thrown back together and if you have a family that gels that's amazing but spare a thought for those that might not be functioning as well due to addiction and health issues. It is a time that people feel they must over indulge in every aspect of their lives to keep up with Jones's if nothing else. Either way, many years ago I decided it just wasn't for me, so I officially bowed out and head to sunnier shores and check out of it all. Ideally this fits in very well with my business and allows me to come back in the New Year brimming with energy and ready to begin what will be the start of many great projects and events.

This was a choice and a choice that suits me and my lifestyle and I know many people do not have the luxury to just set off. So perhaps start setting out your Christmas survival strategy in place now and maybe this year, decide what it is you want to do and just do it.