Unlocking Your Capacity for Brilliance

Oh hello, yes you- hard to believe it but you in fact are brilliant. Imagine if we spoke to each other and ourselves like this, what a different space in our heads and in the world we would live in.

Oh hello, yes you- hard to believe it but you in fact are brilliant. Imagine if we spoke to each other and ourselves like this, what a different space in our heads and in the world we would live in.

We all have unlimited capacity to be brilliant, we talk and think about unlocking peoples best and true potential but we never really look at the persons capacity within themselves. There is a little part of potential that has you day dreaming about the final destination, the very end goal or result instead of the starting point and all the twists and turns in the road that will make up the end goal.

I think this is particularly true in terms of your life long relationship with your body. We all daydream and constantly live in the future thinking about THAT body we want to be in. We constantly measure ourselves against what we think we could be rather than what and where we are.

I always hear people talking about scenarios and what if conversations and I'll do or be that when the stars align and the conditions are perfect. In truth the conditions will never be perfect as you had hoped, but with a little re jig of your attitude and outlook, then can't the conditions always be perfect?

Often what is happening is people are actually paralysed by their own possibilities- like imagine if I actually succeed at that. I mean what then? Fulfilling your own potential is scary if you like to always stay between the lines. Nobody really ever talks about that though. The fear that leaves you too scared to act to move, to actually live up to your potential. So the big difference between people living their potential and those who don't or who think they can't- is actually down to the amount of permission they give themselves to live in the present and act, be and live their true authentic life.

We alone are the only ones that can let us live our authentic life. The life where we decide how we shine, how we are going to show up without the fear that we are not good enough. One of the most powerful life lessons I learnt 4 years ago was that waiting and wishing for the picture perfect future means that it will NEVER come. We can all share, like and love the instagood daily quotes of motivation and think yes those words are powerful but in order to live and create your authentic life, you need to start living.

I am a health addict, I am addicted to health. Yes this means I am type cast for a good owl slag about how much I train, people always give me shit about the foods I eat and people that think I am a dick constantly slag me via my alas Lucy and the fitness lifestyle I live through my on line platforms.

Like most of this is in good spirit but obviously some isn't, on both counts I couldn't give a fidders! You see I am fearless the pursuit of my own happiness and do you know what I do, I live on the daily. I know what makes me tick and it certainly isn't dreaming about the body I could be, the places I might visit or the people I might meet.

My happiness is dependent on myself and not conditional to where I am or the people I am with.

Experience is what I am all about, I am never embarrassed to ask a question, to ask for help or to admit I don't know how to do something. I hope I am still learning about life, people and myself until the day I die. Our needs, wants and desires are always changing, so don't live in fear from yourself to admit that you in fact what to do this, achieve that or experience the other. Living in the good opinion of other people leaves you stuck, leaves you static and definitely makes your own ability to be truly happy a harder task than if you are honest about those fears and speak your own truth.

Just know that nothing is ever perfect and really it shouldn't be, all the fun is actually in the struggle or on the journey to where you are going. The problem is we often just want the end result but just know that everything in this life that is worth anything is worth hard work, commitment and your respect.

Even just think about this in terms of your body today- do you respect it, do you love it and how do you show it that love?

Capacity to be, to live, to act is always expressed in the present, it is immediate. Start Now.