18/01/2016 08:01 GMT | Updated 17/01/2017 05:12 GMT

But How? Finding Your Clarity of Purpose

Do we ever truly know what we want? For some yes definitely, maybe not across every aspect of their lives but in business, fitness or with relationship standards and then goals, having a clear sense of purpose will be the deciding factor on whether you are successful or not!

When people are successful, the first question asked is always "But How did they do that?" unless the answer is given in one quick easy answer, no one really actively listens for the answer. I think deep down we all know, it was a self belief and a massive personal effort through hard work, that anything happens for anyone. But who wants that answer right?!

As it is a New Year and we are halfway through January, there are have so many goals set and promises made by people across all aspects of their lives. This they say is the hardest part, taking that first step. But is it really?!Or is it on day 2 or in week 3 when the motivation is slipping and the task at hand seems alot harder than you once thought as you wrote down how you were going to change your life in 2016, two weeks ago!

People make changes for two reasons, desperation or inspiration. Both stem from a desire for change, but which will ultimately lead to success? A passion for what you want is an absolutely necessity in achieving anything you want in this life. If you don't want something from the pit of your stomach, if it doesn't consume your thoughts and if you don't practice this success daily, then it simply won't happen.

What gets measured gets accomplished in my book. In life, we must set the standard for ourselves. What is it you truly want? What is your WHY? This WHY is what drives you and what you can keep coming back to when you think you might have somewhat veered off track.

Take fitness or weight loss, the beginning week or two is actually hard to start in terms of training and overhauling your food, but the first few weeks is when you will see massive changes on the scales or in body composition and in fitness. I think it gets harder in the second month, when the buzz of starting has worn off and your body is finding balance with the new active you. If you are driven by numbers this is the time that perhaps the higher numbers are not dropping and your WHY of starting can slip from your mind. This is a crucial time to go back to your WHY. It will stem from an emotional place, where you no longer are happy or comfortable in your body and are tired of not having that choice where you decide what you actually want to wear as opposed to wearing what fits. These are your triggers and these are the emotions you need to remember when you think you want to quit.

If it is meant to be, then it's up to me. This is a line everyone must remember. We can blame everyone, certain foods, marketing, no time or because we are sssssssssssoooooooooooo busy. Isn't everyone so busy now, it has become a line like how are you? "Are you busy?" "Oh I am so busy or my all time favourite "I am up the walls?" The most fun you can have with this is saying, you are not busy at all and watch the reaction. It will,I guarantee go to dead pan silence. Very enjoyable!

I am not saying that at times striving for a goal you have set won't be difficult or a challenge, but if you really want something then you need to commit 100%. Why not make this year, the year you commit 100% to yourself. So if that is following your lifetime dream of starting your own business, running a 10km, losing weight, changing careers, doing a Triathlon or simply doing the activities' or social past times that you actually enjoy as opposed to following what society tells us we should enjoy and be doing.

Owning yourself is a gift you can only give to yourself, so ask yourself today what's my WHY and just how I am going to go about making my life the best possible version it can be. When we have this clarity, there will be no more questioning, no more what ifs, it will become clear about just how you can achieve just exactly what it is you want.