13/10/2015 07:53 BST | Updated 13/10/2016 06:12 BST

Hitting a Bum Note

The bum- the world over has become obsessed. From the world of celebrities to the instagram hashtags #boootygains the bum has never been as important or as on trend. For now, as I am sure this will again change in the next few months, the derriere is a big deal. Between squats and lunges women and men are trying to shape and build their rear ends.

Societal body types for women are moving towards a more athletic look than the walf like frame of the late 90s and into the Millennium. However this look is not easily achieved and one could be mislead into thinking that getting a bigger bum was simply down to eating more and maybe even moving less. No this will help you get a bigger bum, but not bigger in a good way. The bum of choice now is high, peachy and pert, it is not just bigger but it is shaped and is derived from eating very well, a good squatting program and of course the key ingredient is the movement you do coupled with what you are eating and drinking to fuel it.

Some of course are blessed more than others genetically in this area but everyone has to work at it, as the bum is no push over. Through my own training I have seen massive changes in my body- this because I train with weights and have done so for more than 4 years now. The changes were subtle initially but as my nutrition and training stepped out, things began to change. I never really took note though until this year, possibly fuelled by all the subliminal and not so subtle messages through traditional and social media. On Saturday afternoon, I was dressed and ready to go, I was just getting something in my wardrobe when boom, I spilt my skirt right on the derrière.


Oh well I thought. Before this may have triggered some dark thoughts about "how fat am I and how I loved that skirt" but now I just pulled out the same skirt in a different colour and thought to myself, how that skirt fits me so differently to when I first bought it two years ago. Yes my bum is bigger, but my waist , hips and thighs are smaller- but it unlike what we are told, it is bigger in a better way. Before it was just your average, I barely paid it any attention and in fairness it paid me none either. I didn't really see its importance. The bum however is the largest muscle in the body, get that right, train it and treat it well and you have the tool there to really change your entire shape. Aesthetically a good bum brings alot to the table, you look good in most all clothes and from a physically point a few, build this and you will become a powerful athlete.

The female body is powerful, we more so than men are under constant scrutiny mainly by ourselves, our peers and of course society. We are told we need to look this way in order to have a standard of beauty that is acceptable by the masses. This ideal body image though is hard got and often even if you achieve it you will find that one 'flaw' that leaves you almost feeling you are not enough.

Having bigger bum is not something I thought I would ever have or truly appreciate, but I think my reaction to my own body image on Saturday has pleasantly surprised even me. Body image is all down to ourselves, on Saturday I also said to my friend as we stepped out for dinner "You look incredibly well" and her response to me was so refreshing, instead of the typical answer of " Oh god no, I look terrible, this outfit, oh no its is terrible, stop stop, no I look terrible" she simply said " Thanks, I feel great at the moment and my body is in a good place" What a brilliant and refreshing answer.


So if you are training and seeing changes in your body, embrace them and own them, you have worked hard for it. #BumAppreciation