08/10/2013 06:44 BST | Updated 07/12/2013 05:12 GMT

London Wellbeing Event: Everything From Doga to Astrology Under One Roof?

Good health and wellbeing is an essential part to leading a happy and fulfilled life. Being individuals, there certainly isn't a one-size-fits-all, and, depending on our preferences, tastes and personalities, we each have the potential to be interested in a vast range of different practices and philosophies that would bring about a positive effect on out lives, if only we one about them.

Being naturally inquisitive, as well as a wellbeing writer, I'm always on the lookout for any new ideas that offer to improve the day-to-day existence of us human beings. So, where in London can one find out more about Doga (dog yoga) as well as the opportunity to talk to an astrologer about the stars and their effect our lives?

Well, London's adjoining Olympia Halls will be hosting both the OM Yoga Show and the Mind, Body and Soul experience this month, and one ticket guarantees entry to both of these incredible wellbeing events.

The OM Yoga Show is Europe's largest yoga event and the current craze, Doga, will be making an appearance, courtesy of leading instructor Mahny Djahanguiri. No, it's not just a silly gimmick, there is actually some science behind it: the dog's parasympathetic nervous system is activated, through both sound and touch, creating a calming effect, similar to that felt by humans that practice yoga, alleviating stress and anxiety. After all, it has long been known that dog owners often have better health and wellbeing than those that don't own a dog, and so it makes sense that yoga would be of benefit to our furry friends, too.

Djahanguiri, who founded the company, Dogamahny, certainly knows her stuff: last year she was invited by Harrods to run intensive Doga workshops, and she's also an experienced Ashtanga and Kids yoga teacher, leading international workshops all over Europe. No dog is forced to stretch. Instead, the owner performs traditional Hatha yoga postures (suited to their level, beginner or advanced) allowing the dog to roam around freely. Believing it to be an organic and nurturing experience, in which the owner and the dog bond through the ancient tradition of yoga: "All dogs are free and without lead; the result is total Doggie Bliss." Djahanguiri will be showcasing the wonderful world of Doga at the OM Yoga Show 2013 with her Maltese Terrier (Robbie), so, dog-owners, why not give it a go? The workshop is suitable for all sizes, breeds and temperaments, but please make sure your dog is vaccinated.

Under the same roof as Doga, but over in the Mind, Body and Soul exhibition (the largest event of its kind) is the chance for us to discover our true calling in life.

Leading astrologer David Wells will be in the building to help us learn new things about ourselves; encouraging us to live a more meaningful life: "Live every day with your eyes and heart wide open and you will travel the road without falling over the obstacles."According to David, the sun and the moon are luminaries, lighting up our lives and guiding the way. With successful TV appearances on shows such as GMTV, Big Brother and Fame Academy, David Wells is a popular name within the paranormal genre.

As well as these two exhibitors, there will be a range of motivational workshops taking place and speakers giving inspirational talks, not to mention the chance to visit a wide variety of wellbeing related stands, such as: Avalon Talking Therapies; Niki's Organic Balms; Indian Head Massage and Natural Facelift; Inside Meditation; Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, and Chakra Art, to name only a few.

Both shows are taking place at London's Olympia on Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2013.

To purchase a 2-for-1 ticket, and to find out more about the incredible line-up, please visit the following websites: