It's Winter... But How Do I Keep the Weight Off?

22/11/2012 15:30 GMT | Updated 21/01/2013 10:12 GMT

First, the clocks go back. Next, the mercury in thermometers nationwide starts to plummet. And that's not all that's falling - the leaves have nearly all waved a final teary goodbye to the branches they've called home for the past few months. Yes, winter is nearly with us and by the time the next Strictly Come Dancing or X-Factor champ is crowned the chilly season will be well settled in.

And there is the problem. And it is a big problem that if you're not careful will only get bigger.

The temptation to sit at home, watching Brucie or Gary Barlow whilst munching away at a packet of chocolate/crisps (delete where appropriate) is overwhelming. It also means that by the time the last waltz or power ballad is being caressed/killed (yet again, delete where appropriate) it won't be your emotions that are out of control, but your weight.

Yes, bulging waistlines are likely to be the fashion trend for many this season as 'diet hibernation' takes hold of the nation. As the nights draw in we start eating more comfort food, exercising less and covering up from the cold so it's no surprise that the pounds will start to pile on.

Despite this, it would seem that people still have big weight loss intentions during winter. Nearly half (46%) of people are aiming to drop at least one dress size by the time the party season begins with 27% aiming to lose two dress sizes and nearly 1 in 10 (9%) aiming to reduce their wardrobe by three dress sizes.

In fact 54% of winter dieters want to shed the pounds to look good in party outfits with 36% admitting that they want to impress their friends and family.

So how does one square the circle? How can you wow the crowds at the annual office bash when all your instincts have been telling you to eat, drink and be motionless since the beginning of November?

One person who knows is actress and comedienne Helen Lederer. (You have probably seen her in the legendary television comedy show Absolutely Fabulous alongside Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, or maybe read her thoughts in her Huffington Post UK blog) Together with dietician Helen Bond and personal trainer Eliise Lindsay (the woman who helped get Coleen Rooney into shape for her wedding to footballer Wayne) she has been finding out how to keep the weight off during the winter. In fact, Helen is pretty well qualified for this job. She has recently dropped a couple of dress sizes and a couple of stone in just three months by using something called the 'XLS-Medical Fat Binder'.

So are you curious? Are you in the majority of people who want Santa Claus to greet you with a cheery "my word, have you lost weight?" as he stumbles out of your chimney? If you are, then settle down, grab yourself a nice sticky bun and hot chocolate - well perhaps not - and watch Helen & co show you how it's done.