31/10/2014 06:53 GMT | Updated 11/12/2014 05:59 GMT

A Manifesto for Every Woman

Recently I attended Emerging Women Conference in NYC. It was exciting, humbling, powerful, inspiring and painful hearing the stories of other women leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, lovers and fellow life travellers. We have been inspired by Arianna Huffington's heartfelt story about the need to rest to thrive, Annette Richardson personal story about the power of partnerships and gut wrenching powerful poetry of Dominique Christina as well as a song with a heart touching voice by Katie Gray.

There were many other highlights of course including the inspiring CEO and founder of Emerging Women Chantal Pierrat. The above were those that touched and moved me most to date and there's more to come over the next days.

In a recent workshop I gave for Psychologies Magazine in UK I conducted research with over one hundred women in the audience into their definition of success and what barriers they identify as key roadblocks.

I have carried our the same research with over 1200 participants and the answer is clear! reveals that success for women definitely includes the Third Matrix as much as career and financial success. Here's a few examples:

I would have a balanced life with work, kids, and friends be all part of it.

I would do enjoyable things such as travelling, walking, and not worrying about eating nice food.

I would spend more time with my family and friends, exercises and go out.

I would do things I need to do as much as things I want to do.

Women desire freedom, excitement, doing what they love, being able to dance with and in life and feeling their own feminine power. If this resonates with you - read on.

Here's the clincher!

Analysis of all the reported factors by the same women points to six factors that prevent women from realising success.

  1. Mindfulness

    remembering that most of what they want to do they in fact can already do without much change in their life.

  2. Focus

    creating clear goals and developing discipline to translate them into reality.

  3. Balance

    cultivating and attending to all areas of importance and having structures to support them in this.

  4. Mastering fear

    getting on top of their own inner critic.

  5. Relaxation

    finding time to rest and sleep.

And the biggest roadblock of all

  1. Self Love

    considering oneself deserving enough to claim what they want for themselves.

While sitting listening to some of the talks and in part seeking reassurance and affirmation for my own journey of emergence I wrote this poem. These words are for every woman out there as much as it is a reminder for me to keep going and doing what I love.

Always Remember

You are a beautiful woman.

Yes, You are!

Your beautify is inside you and in every smile you give to another woman.

Allow it to show up and trust it because it's power is undeniable.

Your secret weapon is courage

Yes, it is!

It dwells with you because those that came before you had it so you can be here

and those travelling with you need it.

You are talented.

Yes, You are!

The same ideas, dreams, desires and wisdom that lives in the women you admire

live within you. Share them and invite other women to support you in your journey.

Your life is precious.

Yes, it is!

You were born to make your mark on a world that needs you.

Connect your heart to your mind so you can serve the world and your best self.

Be bold! Be kind! Be gracious!

Be you!

Own this. Live it every day. And be mighty.

Your task in life is to succeed on your terms. As this is what truly successful women do.