Why Coaching Is About Becoming the Very Best Version of Yourself

After a few years of coaching and helping hundreds of individuals, I want to share my insights into what coaching is for me and why I believe it can help you become the very best version of yourself.

There is plenty of coaches out there. One can really feel overwhelmed and also starts to question if this is a fashionable trend or if there really is a point in getting yourself a coach. After a few years of coaching and helping hundreds of individuals, I want to share my insights into what coaching is for me and why I believe it can help you become the very best version of yourself.

1. Coach helps you see what you can't see.

Coaching shakes the view of the world you have, enabling you to see things which are outside of your current picture. Why would this be beneficial? Well, we often go through life wearing glasses and believing that these are the very right glasses, well, not always. Coaching allows you to play with different ones and choose those that fit you better and give you a better vision. It's only when we see something else, that we really can consciously choose the best for ourselves.

2. Coach helps you leverage the passive and active power.

Yes, it's very much about acknowledging where you are, in the observer or player position. Coach helps you to slowly move from passive to a more active role: setting goals and taking action seems easier and more gentle if you know there is a person who understands your fears but also your desires. Some sort of a cheerleader.

3. With a skilled coach - you have no place to hide.

Right, even if we have visions and dreams, we often hide them from the world. This won't happen in the space between you and your coach. Any small gestures that suggest something different than what you just said will be picked up by a coach. So no hiding or lying there. Often, your power is actually hidden in your truth.

4. Coach will hold the best version of You in their thoughts.

It's always exciting to attend an inspiring event or seminar, however, the effect can wear off quickly and you are back to square one. Well, maybe a few steps further than where you were however the feeling is not the same and you don't feel like you can move mountains anymore? Investing in long term coaching is like signing yourself up for a more organic process of transforming yourself and becoming who you want to become. Coach will always remind you about the big picture and lift you up when you feel that the energy is dropping.

Skilled coach is only interested in helping you become who you want to become, so he or she will not only remind you about it but also help you to address and overcome the obstacles that are limiting you from further expansion. All those things and little ghosts that are not dealt with have the power to guide your life in random directions. Whatever the problem is, it will land on the table for an inspection.

5. You have a space where being vulnerable is safe.

We don't always feel safe enough to share our fears with our friends or family. The space between you and your coach is a perfect environment to let the fears out and look at how you can deal with them. Never underestimate the power of speaking loud about things that are deeply hidden. Sometimes the act of looking the fear in the eye puts you already half way towards success. In the coaching process you will learn that sharing your vulnerabilities is activating your inner power and strength.

6. Investing in coaching is very much about your own deserving.

It's about your willingness to invest in yourself, this requires not only having the belief that there is more out there but also the eagerness to just do it. It's not for those who like to pay for something tangible like a new watch worth hundreds of pounds, it is for those who want more out of life and believe that with the right assistance they can unleash their potential. Even if in 90% you feel that you want to give up, the remaining 10% will be crucial - coach will help you expand on this 10% and empower you so you can embark on the journey.

7. Coaching is a becoming, it's a process.

It's a bit like regrowing yourself, re-parenting yourself, call it as you want. For such a process, you need the right environment and support of someone who cares and who will not take your excuses. In regrowing yourself you will need patience and realization that it's a journey. The more you release, the lighter, happier and free you will feel. You will be getting closer to your own essence and becoming the very best version of yourself.

8. What you leave the session with, stays with you.

It may be a new learning or a new realization. It empowers you. Sometimes people think that having a coach might be a trap of believing that you need another person to assist you in tapping into your potential. Well, it is not a trap. What you learn and discover in the sessions stays with you, you move to another level of understanding and you empower yourself. You get into new habits, you learn ways of overcoming limitations and reaching for more. Any second you feel empowered enough, you can leave and sail by yourself. Some people choose a few months' long journey of coaching and later they set themselves for a solo adventure, that is all good. Others, choose to have a cheerleader next to them all the time, and it is also good. Whatever you may think, don't follow what others say but check with yourself, see for yourself, and then make a decision.

Coaching can really be a new way of helping ourselves sail through this busy life where we lack enough time to reflect and face, not only our fears but also our dreams and desires.

Now, imagine what is possible if you actually faced them?