Why I Believe Aligning With The DUP Would Be The Scariest Political Move In History

12/06/2017 13:26 BST | Updated 12/06/2017 13:26 BST
mrtom-uk via Getty Images

This afternoon, I'm sat at my desk at home, just like I am most other days of the week, the weather is fair and if it had not been for last night's Election results I might have felt quite happy and bouncy, yet my heart isn't just heavy, I'm actually scared for what the future holds.

Now I don't want to sit here telling you what you should think or judging your political values because whether you voted Conservative or Labour isn't really the issue here, the issue is the proposed coalition with quite frankly, one of the most terrifying far right parties we have in the UK political system.

The Democratic Ulster Unionists are a party who believe in creationism, they believe that God created the entire world in 6 days, they shun the evidence of science and petitioned the National Trust in 2012 to have their creationist theories on display alongside the scientific explanations about the creation of the Giant's Causeway.

We are already fighting terrorists with fundamental religious beliefs and yet our prime minister has just effectively proposed to have a coalition with fundamentalists, even David Cameron, who let us not forget passed the Gay marriage bill must surely be questioning this scary alliance. When a leader will do anything they can just to stay in power, that is a terrifying situation.

I don't know what the answer is but as a woman, a single mama, a pacifist and someone who believes in love, acceptance and working together as one body for the good of the planet, I'm stupified and in shock with the events which have unfolded this morning. I actually predicted a hung parliament and had dreams of a political system where real change might happen, even in my worst dreams I couldn't have predicted what's currently happening.

What I ask now is, what do I tell my children, my beautiful politically active teenagers, how do I explain that our prime minister who is supposed to want stability and the best for all of us is trying to align with a party who have such abhorrent views on LGBT matters, abortion, religion and who's founder once described line dancing as sinful, line dancing, lets just take a moment to think about that...

I do know something though and that is that love always wins, I firmly believe this and the messages I will give to friends, colleagues and my children is to always keep hoping and believing that we are moving towards great change, we have to believe that a paradigm shift is just around the corner, I have seen a great shift within the people I have surrounding me to becoming so much more engaged with politics, really caring about the future of our country and we mustn't let this die down, if we truly are a democracy then surely we don't have to accept a government that no one has actually chosen.