Coalition government

It is a sad irony that the political party that is now most vocal in its opposition to Brexit cannot see that it was one of its architects, Lisa Nandy MP writes.
"We are in politics to make a difference, and being in government is part of that."
The nature of Britain’s voting system means that the winner has pretty much always been one of the Tories and Labour. Uncertainty
After the country's two rival blocs failed to secure a governing majority, Sweden is set to have another coalition government. The uncertainty is heightened after a far-right party gained more seats than ever, seen as a response to large-scale immigration.
Ministers urged to launch judge-led inquiry into 'distressing' claims.
We should stand with our LGBT friends and family, and demand that our rights are not sold off as part of a squalid deal to prop up a failed government. It is not time to be complacent about the rights to control our bodies and live our lives.
This afternoon, I'm sat at my desk at home, just like I am most other days of the week, the weather is fair and if it had not been for last night's Election results I might have felt quite happy and bouncy, yet my heart isn't just heavy, I'm actually scared for what the future holds.
The Coalition Government made good strides in addressing this issue. In March 2015, Nick Clegg announced £1.25billion over the next five years to transform services. This year David Cameron became the first Prime Minister to make a major speech on mental health. Nevertheless it is important that this new money reaches the services that need it...
The apparent 'economic recovery' of the UK of May 2015, can be seen in the extremely dubious terms set by the formerly incumbent Conservative-led coalition government, and none more so than in the widespread use of food banks and payday loans by the unemployed, and 'working poor' alike.