19/09/2013 11:47 BST | Updated 19/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Punchline Challenge: Jeremy Clarkson Entering Politics

Last week was an undisputed success for Punchline Challenge. People really gave it their all; the humour, the message they conveyed, all came together in a wonderful post. This week, Jeremy Clarkson comes under the critical eye of my band of Punchliners as he revealed via Twitter that he was considering an attempt on Ed Miliband's Doncaster North seat.

The thought of the Top Gear blowhard becoming an MP led to me issuing this to the Twittersphere:

Jeremy Clarkson entering politics is like...

@Charisma_Effect environmentally friendly car. Both claim to make a positive impact on the world, yet they'll still pollute it by their existence.

@Sayitwithcookie ...Arnold Schwarzenegger entering politics.

@kitkant ...Michael Gove entering the porn industry by the back door.

The punchlines came in thick and fast, a bit like Clarkson test driving a Bugatti. That's a joke. So is Jeremy Clarkson entering politics. You see? It's easy. Here's more:

Jeremy Clarkson entering politics is like:

@GI1970 ...jumping out of the skid pan and into the liars.

@BadScentsHumour ...Ronald McDonald in health, Pete Doherty drugs tsar, Google in tax and Nick Griffin in the Home Office.

‏@headfirst_dom ...Eddie the Eagle entering the Winter Olympics.

The clarity of people's opinion is pretty clear; apparently they don't consider Mr. Clarkson to be Parliamentary material. I received not one tweet that said '...the best idea EVER!' or, '...a breath of fresh air.' They would have made it in too, being hilarious in their misguided ignorance. Another joke. I'm full of them. So was my Twitter feed:

Jeremy Clarkson entering politics is like...

@martintagg ...putting Basil Fawlty in charge of Mission Control at NASA.

And this absolute stinger from:

‏@Diversion50 ...playing Paulo Di Canio on the right wing.

Picking a favourite was a tough decision this week. Some really good, well crafted and considered punchlines from everyone. It came down to two that made me laugh the most. The first one came from @Glowypanda:

Jeremy Clarkson entering politics is like the claw-hand baddy being injected into Martin Short in Innerspace.

I think you'll agree it's a good one - I'm still grinning about it as I type this - but the winner this week has to go to newcomer, @kevincc13 with this corker that is all kinds of wrong:

Jeremy Clarkson entering politics is like Emu entering Rod Hull !!

More Punchline Challenge soon.

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