For the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas, attorney Rod Ponton showed up to a Zoom court hearing, unable to change his cute kitten filter. He was willing to proceed, as the judge tried to help and his assistant helplessly clicked around trying to remove it.
We may have to take it in turns to stagger to the kitchen to make hot lemon and honey drinks, writes Naomi Gryn.
Britain has always been fond of a long, hot summer… but actually when it’s a little bit *too* hot, we don’t all handle it well. But luckily when the mercury rises, so does our sense of humour.
Trump gets away with smut, why can’t Michelle Wolf get away with her sophisticated cutting humour?
Setting exam papers is in some ways the most lonesome (and under-appreciated) form of comedy
When I was about six years old I tried to do the splits and ended up fracturing both of my legs. I was in traction for months
It's all about facial cues, vocal tones and context. But there are ways to convey it in writing.
The world wants to know what came over her.