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No-Mandate May Must Go To The Country Before Triggering Article 50


The hypocrisy of Theresa May is something to behold.

What brass neck she has!

Back in 2007, as a member of the Shadow Cabinet, she ferociously called on then newly installed Prime Minister Gordon Brown to hold an immediate general election; she said, quite rightly as it happened, that he had no mandate from the people and wouldn't be legitimate unless he did so.

The irony about that statement, if you think hack, is that the Tories (only two years into David Cameron's leadership) were in no fit state to fight an election and would almost certainly have lost if Brown had have gone to the country it happened he choked, left it until 2010 to seek a mandate and the rest is history.

But, nevertheless, T May said he must go to the country and that he wouldn't be entirely 'proper' until he did.

Fast forward nine years and now Mrs May herself is in the top political office in the land; also became First Lord of the Treasury without the public having a say...indeed, without even Tory party members getting a choice.

Her only mandate comes from a few Tory MPs.

So, come on Mrs May, hold yourself to your own standards back in a general election!

She'd almost certainly win-and gain a healthier mandate for the Tories if she did-given the continuing internal warfare in the Labour Party (you think that's finished because Jez made one barely passable speech?! Give me a break!)

Now, of course, I don't want to see the Tories in government.

I'm a progressive and want to see a progressive/centre-left government.

But if May is to be consistent with her own past statements, then she'll not be 'legitimate' as Prime Minister until she goes to the country.

Of course there is one extra factor to consider now that is different to 2007...which is the Parliament Act, ensuring fixed five-year parliamentary terms.

It's not wholly in May's gift to call a snap election.

She'd have to repeal the Act, which would involve every Tory MP voting for that and a good number of Labour MPs too (to reach the two-thirds of MPs needed.)

But, that's more likely to happen than you might think...let's face it, I bet the downhearted Blairite/moderate Labour MPs would support repeal, to allow an election to happen, see Labour decimated, and see Corbyn be finally cast back to the outer wilds of the backbenches of the Commons.

Britain faces the most challenging set of circumstances that it has for many generations.

"Brexit means Brexit" says May...without, it would appear, knowing what Brexit actually means.

In my view and the view of my party, the Liberal Democrats, a referendum should be held on what the government intends to negotiate with the European Union before Article 50 is triggered.

As Lib Dem leader Tim Farron rightly says, if the people were trusted to start the journey then they should also be trusted to decide on the destination...and if they don't like/approve of what the government is proposing then it should be able to decide to rescind its previous decision and stay in the European Union.

Why won't the Tories trust the people?!

But, whatever is decided, Theresa May has no mandate from the people to be Prime Minister and be the person heading up these negotiations if and when they happen.

If she's not to be seen as just another hypocritical politician, she must adhere to her own standards of others a decade ago.

Call an election, Theresa...or spend four years being known as No-mandate May!

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