15/03/2016 13:01 GMT | Updated 16/03/2017 05:12 GMT

The UK Has a Much Brighter Future Outside the EU - We Should Take It

There are only 100 days to go until we have to make the most important political decision of a generation. It has been over 40 years since we last had a say on our membership of the EU. Now we have until 23 June to decide whether we take back control and spend our money on our priorities, or keep sending more money and power to Brussels.

We are very fortunate to have an army of supporters who are willing to give up their free time to play their part in a cause they passionately believe in. Vote Leave marked the '100 days to go' milestone with #TakeControlDay. This was a day of action with hundreds of events, and thousands of volunteers handing out millions of leaflets. There were projections, street stalls, motorway banners and canvassing sessions stretching from Stevenage to Stirling, Brighton to Belfast, Cardiff to Colchester, and Plymouth to Penrith. Not to forget Boris driving the Vote Leave lorry!

People talking to friends, relatives and work colleagues about why it is the safer choice to take back control and Vote Leave is how we will win this referendum. Undecided voters will listen to the people they know and trust. All the IN campaign can do is to get Wall Street investment banks who crippled our economy to pay for leaflet deliveries.

Our fantastic volunteer force will be key, but we also welcome the support of senior politicians from all parties - including Labour MP Gisela Stuart as our chair - and leading businesspeople from a range of industries. This will ensure that over the coming weeks and months, the campaign gives a voice to all those people, from a variety of backgrounds, who know the safer option is to Vote Leave on 23 June.

David Cameron's deal has done nothing to address the problems the British people see in the EU. Number 10 know this, that's why they've stopped talking about it. The IN campaign claims that we must stay in the EU to reform it from the inside, but the renegotiation has shown the European Union to be incapable of reform. If this is all that David Cameron can achieve, what hope is there for future changes? As the migrant crisis and economic turmoil shows, we will be taking a big risk if we stay in the EU.

This is why the referendum represents a huge opportunity for the British public.

Over the next 100 days we will be holding many more action days, where we will be spreading the positive vision of how life outside the EU would be better if we take back control and spend our money on our priorities. Prices would be lower in the supermarket, and as the chairman of the BSE [Britain Stronger in Europe] campaign admitted, wages would rise.

This is our chance to stop sending £350million a week to Brussels, and instead spend it on our priorities like the NHS.

This is our chance to take back control of our borders, so we can create an immigration system which welcomes in the brightest and the best from around the world.

This is our chance to take back control of our economy, so taxpayers will no longer have to pay for the failures of the eurozone.

This our chance to take back control of our democracy, so politicians in Westminster are held more accountable to the people they represent.

The UK has a much brighter future outside the EU. We should take it. It is the safer choice to Vote Leave. Sign up to join the campaign here.

Matthew Elliott is the chief executive of Vote Leave