30/06/2016 10:12 BST | Updated 01/07/2017 06:12 BST

England Needs Love

I'm not European. I'm not British. But I've lived in this country for 13 years and I feel sad.

I'm not a politician. I don't claim to be. I read the news and I believe to know enough about the recent referendum, but in no way am I an expert.

I've got my opinions, and had I voted (I can't because I am a resident just like the mass majority of Europeans), I would've voted remain.

I don't feel comfortable talking about it so freely. I was brought up in a house where politics weren't as widely spoken about as what they are now.

For many years, even my Dad didn't tell me who he would vote for in elections. Here, it's not only spoken about with your friends, it's shared, all over social media.

Times have changed, I am aware, and things have moved on. And now in the world of sharing, this is something that is openly shared. I get it. Hence, why I am sharing my 'remain' opinion.

Last Friday, a democratic decision was made, and that decision was we were to leave the European Union. For me, that was sad. I am an immigrant. I am not a European immigrant, but I still felt sad. I understand a lot of people who live here probably felt isolated, and that too made me feel sad.

However, a decision was made, and England and the people living in this country should respect that decision. Thursday morning I woke up to anger, hate, abuse - coming from both sides of the vote. People openly sharing their opinions of hate, anger, frustration, fear and sadness.

I think the reason I felt most sad however, wasn't because of which way the vote went. I think the reason I felt most sad, was because I realised I was living in a country whose people had very little faith in it.

It sounds very cliche, but I am proud. I am so proud to be American, I always have been, and I always will be. I am so patriotic. I have grown up in a country that I love, and no matter what has happened in the past, or what happens in the future, I will forever feel proud of my country.

I love all of the exports that come out of it. I love the amazing food. I love that you can travel to some spectacular places in just one country. I love the music. I love Tom Petty, and Billy Joel. Above all, I love the people. I love their optimism, even when things are really bad.

My love for my home country will never change. Never.

And the funny thing is, I love England too. I just wish the people who live here would love it too. I wish the people who were born here would have a little bit more faith in it, and believe in it. Because now more than ever, England needs love.