18/05/2017 06:37 BST | Updated 18/05/2017 06:38 BST

How A Crisis Can Be An Opportunity

In Chinese language the word for crisis also means turning point. As the word, which is 'Weiji' is made up of two characters, one meaning danger and the other opportunity. It represents the understanding that no matter how difficult a crisis might be it also holds within it an opportunity or many opportunities.

When you are in the midst of a crisis it can be really difficult to see this as you are focused on resolving or dealing with whatever challenges you are facing. However when we look back over past experience we can see there is always good that comes from difficult situations.

The tough part can be to hold on to that hope as you are going through it.

The purpose of this post is to provide any of you who are currently going through a crisis some inspiration and encouragement to enable you to hold that hope within you for as long as you need to get through it.

Here 5 ways to that can help you to hold hope and move through a crisis hope in order to grow stronger go forward positively:

1.) Have a vision; depending on the crisis you are experiencing, do your best to hold on to a positive and empowering vision. This gives you the necessary purpose and drive to get through and head towards the best outcome possible, this outcome might change but where your focus is will affect how you are feeling as well as the actions you take which will help enormously with your outcome.

2.) Surround yourself with support; even if you feel like hiding away, it's important to keep good positive support around you as much as you can, some time alone may be necessary too but always have people you can rely on around you, it's those that build us up and are there when we need them the most that are the ones you know you can really rely on as friends.

3.) Look after yourself; when you are going through tough times it can be easy to reach for the wrong foods or sometimes not eat much at all. Yet it is at these times that you need the strength and energy that good nutrition provides you with. This will also help you sleep better and improve your emotional wellbeing.

4.) Use this time as a tool for learning; in every crisis there are lessons, not only in how to avoid similar times in the future but also and most importantly lessons about yourself and how you function as a person, recognise what you can take from the situation and how can you grow from it. There will be change and you can use this to your advantage to grow stronger and become better towards where you want to be.

5.) Recognise what is helpful to let go of; as you go through a crisis you are going through a significant change which means there will be things to let go of. Seeing this and allowing the process can be helpful in moving forward so that you can then be free and more present as you move forward. Resisting the change only makes it harder.

Most of all it is important that you are kind and compassionate with yourself throughout any difficult time, whether that be a mental health challenge, family crisis or any other situation, you have to become your own best friend, your own supporter in order to guide yourself through it and out the other side.

There you will become far stronger than before, with all the lessons and understanding not only that will help you but that you can also use to help others too.

'In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity' ~Albert Einstein