2019 United Kingdom general election

Ex-chief adviser says increase followed 2019 general election and was unconnected to Covid crisis.
The prime minister’s leadership has been marred by U-turns, blunders and rebellions.
Labour demands investigation after government used taxpayers' cash for ads targeted at key swing seats in the run-up to the 2019 general election.
Foreign secretary Dominic Raab says there was “almost certainly” an attempt to interfere.
The Labour Party has suffered its worst election showing since 1983, with the Conservatives winning a resounding majority. So what went wrong? A neutral stance on Brexit, losing a huge part of the working-class vote and questions over Corbyn’s leadership have all been quoted as reasons for their huge failure by political voices throughout the election night.
The PM broke an election tradition by voting in Westminster, rather than in his Uxbridge and Ruislip South constituency.