Adam Rickitt

He'll be playing the ex-boyfriend of one of the village's residents.
Adam Rickitt has joined the cast of ‘Hollyoaks’ as Nancy Osborne’s ex-boyfriend, Kyle. ‘Coronation Street’ fans will remember
So here we are in Mental Health Week, a week created to break down stigma towards mental health and to create better understanding of the issue. The trick though is that people need to realise it's not a disease. It's not some trauma like cancer seemingly picking people at malicious whim. Mental health is something that is in all of us. For some it engulfs us, and for some it doesn't.
‘The Big Reunion’ star Kenzie is in hospital after being involved in a serious car accident. The former Blazin’ Squad singer
ITV's 'The Big Reunion' is set for another first this week as it brings together a new ‘supergroup’ onscreen. Another Level