Alan Turing

MPs who died in WW2 deserve more than a pardon, ex-minister said
Labour MP Chris Bryant fought back tears in the House of Commons as he praised gay and bisexual MPs and others criminalised
Alan Turing was an extraordinary man, whose life was cruelly cut short by the way he was treated for being gay. But his story is just one of many thousands of men who were similarly persecuted for their sexual orientation, and it is time that the Government officially acknowledges that every single prosecution was unjust.
Tens of thousands of men are to be posthumously pardoned for convictions under long-abolished laws that criminalised homosexuality
We should commemorate these LGBT+ figures, and recognise what they did. Let us not simply remember the events of the past, but rather let us be inspired by them to continue fighting for equality.
The melodies include God Save the King and Baa Baa Black Sheep.
At the National Computer Laboratory in 1951, Alan Turing’s prototype Mark II generated the world’s first synthesised music
They could be pardoned under the 'Alan Turing law'.
Some also suggested that a pardon wasn’t enough... Read more on The Huffington Post The government has said it is “committed