Albert Einstein

The faster one travels, the slower time moves. We know this from Einstein's theory of relativity. So if something is moving
David Miliband has spoken of his motivation for leaving politics, explaining how the organisation he is joining helped those
Famously gruff and tenacious, Prime Minister Winston Churchill earned a deserved reputation as the ‘British Bulldog.’ The
Four previously undiscovered letters written by Albert Einstein are to go under the hammer, an auction house has revealed
Everyone dreams of earning a fortune. While a lucky few achieve wealth beyond their wildest dreams, most of us have to settle
As William Shakespeare once said "Not even being able to afford your bus fare to the dole office is the great leveller" there is nothing quite like standing in the street claiming to be the owner of a yellow ticket in order to collect £27 to make you reconsider your chosen career path in the entertainment industry.
Obsession is a word that can be readily associated with physicists, probably more than any other species of scientists. Physics is one of the oldest disciplines that mankind has wrestled with, in our quest to understand this universe and us in it.
In 1918, Kafka wrote about the early kibbutzim in Palestine, arguing there should be no legal courts - "Palestine needs earth (...) but it does not need lawyers". Until Israel realizes world Jewry and their cultural assets are not automatically property of the Jewish state, and removes its lawyers from this sorry tale - the world will continue to be starved of a true literary great's work.
By 1914, Albert Einstein's marriage to his wife of 11 years, Mileva Marić, was fast deteriorating. Realising there was no
Dr Albert Einstein's brain is going on display for the first time in the UK alongside that of an infamous murderer. Following