Alex Bowen

Channel 5 have never been afraid to push taste and decency boundaries with their programming, so it should come as no surprise
Alex Bowen’s girlfriend Olivia Buckland has spoken out about that naked photo of the ‘Love Island’ star, which leaked earlier
It doesn't matter how many "near-naked snaps" he's posted on his Instagram over the past few weeks and months, it doesn't matter how complimentary your tone is (it's not body-shaming if we're saying he looks good, right?) and no, it definitely does not matter how big the c**k in question is, people.
An explicit image purporting to be of Alex is doing the rounds online.
‘Love Island’ star Alex Bowen appears to have become the victim of a naked picture leak.  A sexually explicit photo, which
'We have no problem with sex, we simply can't condone what happened on national TV.'
‘Love Island’ contestant Zara Holland has been stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown, after having sex on the show earlier