ANC National Conference

Those who know him give us an idea of how Ramaphosa might lead.
IPID is reportedly investigating allegations that senior police officers tried to launder funds to buy votes for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.
Zuma's defenders are causing harm to the ANC in their quest to defend Zuma and protect their privileges.
"The above allegations are false and an attempt to create divisions in the ANC," said Mokonyane.
Zuma has reportedly has until next Tuesday to resign.
The stalwarts and veterans of the ANC have said in their "New Year's resolutions" that for the party to achieve unity, President Jacob Zuma had to resign as leader of the country.
This was a heist; but it's not just NDZ who was robbed –– it's the people of South Africa who were robbed of her, and that is a travesty.
The South African Federation of Trade Unions does not believe Cyril Ramaphosa is the answer to South Africa's problems.
Blade Nzimande says he is not concerned that he was not elected to the ANC's NEC.
A close analysis of the newly elected list of 80 national executive committee members reveals that 44 of them served on the NEC under Zuma.
The party is trying to prevent the matter being taken to court.
Please don't let us down by aiding and abetting grand-scale theft by your business friends refusing to change the economy.
"The ANC has introduced a culture of immunity for people who are corrupt. It punishes the whistleblowers but it promotes and protects the corrupted."
The Zuma camp still has plenty of influence – a lot more than state president-in-waiting (but is he?) Cyril Ramaphosa would have hoped for.
The real loser is not Dlamini-Zuma, though. The ANCWL and women, in general, are the real losers.
The new leader of the ANC had to twinkle along a pretty narrow tightrope in his maiden speech as party president.
The losing presidential candidate Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma came in at number nine in the National Executive Committee list.
Ramaphosa spoke on a variety of issues including radical economic transformation, land reform and weeding out corruption.
Some of the themes unity, fighting corruption, economic development and organizational renewal.
Newly elected ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the ANC conference closing address after midnight on Thursday.