The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police has apologised for upset caused by his statement that Liverpool fans' behaviour
Although today is undoubtedly a step forward in what, for more than 23 years, has been a largely fruitless pursuit of justice, it does not - and should not - mark the end of the process... I know of relatives of the Hillsborough victims whose lives have also ended without gaining resolution and justice. One man - from a family well-known to my own -committed suicide because of a sense of guilt that he had survived the crush while his brother had not. For him, his brother and many in similar circumstances, may today be a step towards their finally being able to rest in peace.
Brendan Rodgers was denied a first Premier League win as Liverpool manager thanks to two defensive howlers which allowed
Luis Suárez has signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool, the club's television channel announced on Tuesday. The Uruguayan
Liverpool have been granted permission by Wigan Athletic to speak with Roberto Martínez over the vacant managerial position
Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish may face censure from the Football Association after he questioned the integrity of match
Margaret Thatcher was told that a Merseyside Police officer blamed "drunken Liverpool fans" for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster
There's something inscrutable about Dalglish. He takes straight-talking to Clint Eastwood levels. I like that. No bullshit. There's also a dryness to his humour. That's an understatement, by the way. Dust is damper. And so he decided what his position was on Suarez, his star striker, and stuck to it.
Police are questioning a man in connection with an alleged racist gesture made by a fan during Liverpool's FA Cup victory