So while I can now openly state my favourite quote: "The diet industry is the most successful failed business in the world," in certain circles and people will readily agree, half a decade ago this was thought of as weird, especially when said to my yo-yo dieting friends who would smile blankly and tell me how many calories were in the Jaffa Cake I was eating.
Half of girls and a third of boys are willing to take drastic measures to reach their ideal body shape or weight, a study
Standing side-by-side in matching outfits, you'd be forgiven for mistaking Rebecca and Maisy Jones as sisters. But, in fact
The Daily Mail has launched a worthy - but possibly ill-thought-out campaign - to raise awareness about osteoporosis. It
This isn't going to be a hugely depressing account of what it's like to have an eating disorder, or a request for pity and understanding, but I hope it will be an insight in to something people who haven't suffered from it rarely understand fully.
The fashion industry is buzzing at the moment due to Fashion Week's kicking off globally, providing us with spectacular shows, beautiful people and jaw droopingly expensive clothes.
Women with a history of eating disorders appear to be more likely to have fertility problems and negative attitudes towards
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- More than 2,000 children have received treatment for eating disorders in the past three years, according