The Conservative MP at the centre of a row over his presence at a Nazi-themed stag night in a French ski resort has made
Paul Flynn is not an anti-Semite. But his recent remarks, about the British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, gave expression, surely inadvertently, to a very old anti-Semitic idea: the eternally 'divided loyalty of the Jew.'
A Labour MP has found himself in hot water after he suggested Britain's ambassador to Israel may have divided loyalties because
Perhaps we should be asking if there is any moral justification at all for extending the full benefits of unlimited free speech to those who only wish to use this platform as a means by which to advocate the silencing of those who hold alternative views to their own, as well as an opportunity by which to incite further hatred against others?
Durban III, as the UN's world conference on racism and xenophobia has come to be popularly known, has long been synonymous
Galliano's outburst was not about shocking it was about his place in the fashion 'master-race' and its utter disdain for the Everywoman.
A French court has convicted John Galliano for racist and anti-Semitic slurs, handing him a suspended fine of £5,245 (€6,000
A Scottish student has been found guilty of a racist breach of the peace after he "insulted" an Israeli flag and called a