"Those people need to suggest an alternative policy that will work," the foreign secretary said after the first flight was given the green light to go ahead.
An inspection of Napier Barracks in Folkestone and Penally Camp in Wales found residents "depressed" and "hopeless".
A union representing federal employees said workers were “duty bound to protect vulnerable asylum seekers."
Immigrants could be asked to give out vital information in a language they do not understand.
The waiting makes life become meaningless - it is exhausting mentally and physically
Welcome news that the proposed legislation and policies for the next session of parliament as set out in Wednesday's Queen's Speech included a new Immigration Bill and a new Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill. These present real opportunities to improve the lives of refugees - and we so hope the government grabs them with both hands.
We should not have an immigration system that devalues the lives of those facing oppression such as Kelechi. We have an urgent responsibility, as one of the world's richest nations, to ensure that those fleeing oppression and discrimination wherever they come from, get the same right to a quality of life in the UK as any UK citizen.