It's not often that we wish we'd been to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, but today we do. We really do, in fact. It's
Here in Britain, stories of 600lb bears strolling down the street are relatively unheard of - but in California, well, occasionally
We've waited a long time for this, but finally it's here: a bear on a swing. Sure, he looks pretty nonplussed about it all
'Leg guitar' is one of those instruments that everyone can play, but not everyone can really see. Think of the badminton
Once upon a time, Lil' Bear (a grizzly bear cub) and Tula (a baby wolf) were four and three months old, respectively. They
We need your help, Huffington Post UK Comedy readers. We need your help with a very tricky bear question - and as you well
A camera streaming a live feed of pregnant brown bear Freja from a remote town in Northern Sweden makes strangely addictive
A black bear casually rummaging through garbage in the centre of Vancouver surprised residents after he hitched a lift into
When bears crop up in the news, it's normally to do with nature documentaries or horrific attacks in the wild. Today, not
Today was the screening of the first part of the Leeds International Film Festival short film competition. It'll be continuing over the next few days and I'll be there to bring you the my thoughts on the shorts.