GPs are also reporting a rise in the number of patients with no fixed address.
A contentious new government policy which requires health care professionals to crack down on so-called “health tourism” has
For someone who has spent the last decade of my life preparing for this, I don't feel terribly ready - but I imagine that's how most people feel when they go on the wards for the first time. I also know there will be a bunch of very experienced, and as I have found out, very supportive and kind doctors who will be able to make sure I get it right. Being a doctor isn't about being a superhero - it's about working with a team of other incredible healthcare workers, from nurses to physiotherapists, doctors to receptionists, to help your patient.
The NHS could be landed with a bill of nearly half a billion pounds if retired British expats decide to return home if their
With another General Election taking place in just a few weeks, politicians of all parties can no longer duck the crisis in the NHS. Funding, public health, patient safety, the crisis in general practice, the future of EU staff working in the NHS - these should be key election issues rather than pushed to the margins because of a narrow focus on Brexit. Consecutive governments have been in denial about the state of the NHS and when it comes to elections have chosen to use it as a political football. Our health and social care systems can no longer cope without urgent action.
We must tackle the widening inequality in health outcomes between rich and poor. We must transform how we contend with mental health, and deliver true parity between physical and mental healthcare. We must properly integrate our health and social care services. It will once again be incumbent on a Labour government to appropriately resource our NHS to ensure people live longer, healthier lives.
Since qualifying, I have always had one eye to the future, worried about what will happen to my career and my relationships, and how my disability could make a hard career even tougher. While this victory with HEE is not going to improve everything, I now know that I will not struggle alone, isolated from my loved ones, while fighting a body that never learnt the rules. We still have a way to go, but I'm going to savour this win for a long while.
It would be a travesty if these announcements have only been made to pander to a political audience rather than to solve the very real staffing problems within the NHS, or to improve patient care. The government must tackle the root causes of this workforce crisis and the reasons why so many UK-trained doctors are considering leaving the NHS rather than forcing doctors to stay in the health service.