Book shops

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman shared John Westwood's post, resulting in hundreds of orders at a shop that hadn't sold a single book all day.
"Just this week a teacher came in and cried at the till and thanked us for existing."
'This is the true face of fascism. No Paseran!'
'Bookshops are time machines, spaceships, story-makers, secret keepers, dragon tamers, dream catchers, fact finders and safe
As the truism goes, we get our whole lives to write a debut, and considerably less to produce the follow up. As a result
The best way to learn about the wide range of books available in the market and get to know the taste of our little ones is to visit a public library with them and let them explore. Let them discover. Let them show you what they like and what they don't really like. They might surprise you at times!
A petition has started. We the people are going to try and get the Canal and River Trust to see sense and let Word on the Water get a permanent home. To give London a lasting bastion for literacy, calm and recycling. Somewhere I can show my children that bookshops are exciting and cool. Where my friend can make a living doing something good for the city.
Well, here's a nice discovery just in time for World Book Day. It's Corpus Libris (Books With Bodies) - the Tumblr of a woman
A lot of writers don't only earn less than the national average wage, they earn far less than the minimum wage. I'm not talking about writers who are unpublished or indeed, failed by any measure - I'm talking about people whose books have been taken on by bona fide publishers and whose work is building a steady, if not bestselling following.
Britain's wealth of secondhand bookshops are going out of business "at a frightening speed", an expert has warned. A generation