border wall

The Texas senator was caught sharing more misinformation on social media.
A freshman GOP congressman says he's “proud” to introduce the "Donument Act"(sigh) to “protect the southern border wall from alteration.”
The former president's proudest accomplishments were reversed in a matter of days.
The day before he is likely to be impeached a second time — for inciting a violent attack on the Capitol in an attempt to retain power — Trump went to Texas to lie about his wall.
The former Trump campaign executive was arrested Thursday morning.
Trump visited Arizona to tout 212 miles of new fence — but only three were built where there was previously no barrier.
Trump had made a "big beautiful wall" a signature campaign promise in 2016.
Climbers use something very high tech: A ladder.
While not all Trump's statements will pass the fact-checkers, implied threats over the border wall were accompanied by calls for co-operation and bipartisanship
GOPers might think a wall is in America's best interest but they should think twice about the irredeemable damage Trump could do to the Republican brand