Maybe one day I will be able to safely diversify my colour palette but, right now, black is my uniform, my grounding plate when my personality is ever-changing.
My demon is really not nice - hence the name. He does enjoy tormenting me, ridiculing me and reminding me of all the awful things that have happened in my past. He convinces me that I am a terrible person.
Out of respect for my brother's privacy, I will not go into the details of what the catalyst was for his rapid slide into mental ill health, but just like I'm sure is the case with many others, our family did not see this coming - it was like a baseball bat had swung around and hit us right in the stomach.
We can get so preoccupied with work itself and forget about some of the colleagues around us and how they could be feeling. Work will always be there but your colleagues might not. So, why not start a conversation today?
I have lost many friends over the years because of my mental illnesses but I have gained some fantastic ones too. I think, looking back, the reason these friends left my life is down to lack of understanding.
Rather than reacting impulsively with unhelpful consequences, we can CHOOSE a more helpful and positive response. I like to walk away, get out of the situation, because staying will not calm me down. Getting away and doing something else can make me calm down.
Heart would sink as realisation kicked in that another day was going to have to be endured where my only goal was still to be alive at the end of it. Quite seriously, on such days as anyone else with BPD will tell you, is not giving into the more exotic strong impulses of ending it all comprises the one and only aim to work and hope for.
He grasped the rails on his BIC 8"6 Magnum board with his new winter 5mm surfing gloves with extra grip built into the palms
In our county there is no specialist personality disorders service, despite NICE guidelines stating that mental health trusts should develop such services. Plans for a specialist PD service were disbanded last year after a decision was made to divert the money to a different department instead. Our clients were devastated at this news and felt it reflected a lack of prioritisation of their needs.
I have no idea if Brian had mental health issues but latest studies show at least 80% of homeless people living on the streets