Hundreds of global corporations have promised to help limit deforestation. None of them is meeting that goal.
The Brazilian leader said the French president must retract some of his comments, "and then we can speak".
The move comes after widespread criticism of president Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the crisis.
How a passion for “that rich piece of Brazil", the Amazon rainforest, has made Bolsonaro into a victim.
Ahead of a Group of Seven summit in France this weekend, Macron’s office questioned Bolsonaro’s trustworthiness.
Thousands of fires are burning throughout forests in Brazil but donations, petitions and reforestation can make a difference.
Jair Bolsonaro is facing criticism over the cause of the fires and has warned foreign powers not to intervene in the crisis.
The blazes are roasting South America's biggest country just as far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is rolling back environmental and indigenous protections.
The Brazilian president’s agenda of extraction and depletion is reshaping the country’s natural landscape – and our future, Magid Magid writes.
It's not just Brazil – Siberia, Greenland and the Canary islands are among the other regions fighting "unprecedented" fires.