Brighton and Hove

But other MPs and council chiefs rally round Claire Kober
The first Pride march was in 1973 but it did not return until 1991.
A 53-year-old man has been found dead reportedly in a 'sex swing' surrounded by gas cylinders containing an unknown substance
Last weekend I paid a trip to the seaside, to Brighton to take part in a literary event called Sea Changers. What struck me from the moment I arrived was how hard it was to get around in my wheelchair.
Negativity may sell newspapers but at what cost to the positive progression of our society?
Swimmers hoping to take a Christmas Day dip off Brighton today will be disappointed after the council closed the beach because
They say gender is just a concept. But even for those who believe that it is meaningless, scrapping it altogether could be
A senior Green Party councillor is facing calls to resign after making a "highly offensive" remark about "raping and looting
Six footballers arrested by police investigating an alleged sex attack on a woman have been released on bail. Five of the
A £3m grant that loses us £5.4m is not a good deal, how could it be? Accepting it would be agreeing to more Tory cuts, and acquiescing to the cynical politics of the coalition government. As a Green, I resist.