Bruno Mars

The Time, a band that Prince built, performed a rousing medley of the Purple One's songs at Sunday's Grammy Awards, with
More and more people have recently started asking me: "Why are you a fan of Africa?". Deep down, I believe that you can't be a fan of a continent with six distinct climatic zones and over 1500 spoken languages and cultures, the same way you are a fan of Michelle Obama or Bruno Mars.
Bruno Mars' music is full of swag, and he knows exactly who he has to thank for that. In the February cover story of Latina
If you like your pop music reviews with extra references to 'Stranger Things', Antony Costa, 'Suicide Squad', Phil Collins, Donatella Versace and '90s Disney films, then have I got good news for you... it's 'The Big Three'.
Coldplay wowed fans with their impressive set And despite critics suggesting Coldplay would not live up to previous Halftime
Just what the world needed - yet another video set to 'Uptown Funk'. What next, a parody of 'Hello' by Adele? Well, we could
To summarise, we're all feeling like this: Ed Sheeran VS Bruno Mars Basically poor little Bruno was feeling a bit left out
Slow-moving wedding dances not your thang? Take inspiration from Gina and DJ, whose first dance to Bruno Mars' chart-topping
Covering Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk can be difficult at the best of times. But it takes some sheer skill (and pizzazz) to cover
If your usual gym regimen isn't quite exciting enough, you could always try what Carson Dean does. The dancer shared this