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Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary has promised flights to the United States for under a tenner. The outspoken CEO said the budget
But the airline has many more admirers -- over 80 million of them each year -- and for good reason: on short-haul flights of an hour or two, Ryanair has turned the once stuffy experience of flying into little more than a bus trip with wings. Who needs a seat number?
The general public are becoming so belligerent in their feelings toward the way airlines in general treat them that their tolerance for Ryanair's particularly infamous business model is at an all time low, and it will take far more than a gritted tooth apology and a few token gestures to change their minds.
I had got to the airport and realised that I'd forgotten my boarding pass. The "penalty" to print it out at the check-in desk was £60. Which was £15 more than the original ticket had cost to fly me to Germany. Sixty quid to print out a page of A4. So I was, y'know, miffed.
Ryanair has apologised for the "inappropriate and incorrect" letter it sent to a bereaved son, refusing a refund for the
A bereaved son plans to strap a vase of his mother's ashes on a Ryanair flight to the Canary Islands, after the budget airline
Budget airline EasyJet is cutting down the size of hand luggage by more than a third, refusing to guarantee that passengers
Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary has slated a passenger who complained about the airlines’ excess charges on Facebook
Low-fare airline easyJet is to introduce paid-for allocated seating for all flights. Passengers will have the option to choose
EasyJet and Ryanair are among 12 budget airlines that will no longer add last-minute fees on customers paying by debit card
EasyJet passengers could get allocated seats in a new initiative being trialled by the budget airline. Currently many passengers
Plans by budget airline Ryanair to screen porn, via an online app for smartphones and laptops, have been unveiled in the
Ministry of Defence personnel will be given discounted fares on the low cost airline EasyJet, as the department tries to
Ryanair were left in a sticky situation after attempts to fix a pilot’s window with tape forced the aeroplane to turn back
Ryanair’s new cost-cutting proposal to remove plane toilets would leave more than 200 people having to share one bathroom
When Per-Erik Jonsson went into a cardiac arrest on a RyanAir flight from the UK to Sweden on Sunday, all the airline staff
The UK-based budget tour operator Holidays 4 UK has gone into administration with more than 13,000 British holidaymakers
An airport on your doorstep damages health, diminishes house-price and impairs children's education, yet inceasingly local communities are accepting airport expansions in their back yard.