What do spies do when they retire? Write novels, garden, spend time with their family - or, in the case of one former MI5
If we are serious about preventing teenage substance abuse, we need far stronger and rational mechanisms in place over our current approach.
The view that smoking cannabis is nothing to get worked up about needs to be challenged more effectively. Instead of classifying and re-classifying, government time and money would be much better spent on educating young people who smoke cannabis about the very real game of Russian roulette they're playing with their mental health.
"We've been fighting a drugs war for 40 years, that war is lost, and completely unwinnable." These were the eminent words
In the last thrashes of Gordon Brown's Labour government, the Prime Minister and the consecutive Home Secretaries of Alan Johnson & Jacqui Smith once more took political umbrage with cannabis.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A man who killed his ex-girlfriend's hamster by throwing it out of a window during a row has been given
The direct and indirect consequences of drugs policy are often overlooked, and it's at the cost of a healthy community. The drug war has served as a whipping horse for politics and an evidence based strategy has been discarded.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Liberal Democrats are poised to call for the decriminalisation of the possession of all drugs, insisting
40 years old, and some argue the Misuse of Drugs Act is ready for retirement. Others reason that it is a good act but just needs the correct application. Whatever the consensus, the hangover will rage for a little while longer.