The list includes a £514m contract for immigration enforcement services.
Spending watchdog warns patient safety was 'potentially put at risk'.
Seven months on, Labour's pledge to replace PFI looks prophetic
About a decade ago, many companies in the UK pushed their customer service centres offshore to new call centres located far away - often in India or the Philippines. The aim was to save money because the captains of industry bought into the idea that distance was dead - work in call centres can be performed anywhere by anyone.
Benefit claimants are being assessed by lie detecting technology in a clampdown on fraudulent claims by Southwark Council
Professional services firm Capita is on track to deliver strong profits and secure organic growth of 3% for the year after
The decision to hand over the court interpreting contract to Capita is simply yet another example of the bull-headed belief that subcontracting out services to private firms always leads to a sleeker, more efficient service.