Caster Semenya

South African athlete and double Olympic champion Caster Semenya has lost her case against the sport’s governing body - the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), over its decision to restrict her naturally higher levels of testosterone. They say it gives Semenya an unfair advantage over other female runners.
Three leading scientists reportedly say a report relied on by the IAAF to rule that intersex athletes must medically lower their testosterone levels is full of inaccuracies.
The IAAF’s rules relate to the eligibility of female athletes with hyperandrogenism (higher than normal levels of testosterone) to participate in international events and hold world records unless their testosterone levels are reduced through medical intervention.
Caster Semenya is headed to the Arbitration Court for Sport to challenge the IAAf ruling that would force her to take medication to lower her testosterone levels, or be unable to compete in her specialised events.
Semenya will require the strength of a lioness in her fight against these decisions made in musty rooms by mostly middle-aged men.
The presiding officers of parliament have condemned the "discriminatory regulations" passed by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF)
According to the IAAF, androgen-sensitive athletes like Semenya will have to lower their testosterone levels by taking tablets.