When it comes to celibacy, for religious reasons, you don’t know when the wait will end, or if it will end. I am content with that.
Celibacy is definitely a great way to take a step back to figure out what you want and need from relationships. Don't be afraid to take the step.
I am currently cycling through China and this kerfuffle over a shopping bag has got me thinking about what brahmacharya means to me, and also how a lack of brahmacharya has dramatically affected China.
Desire, for Sophie, is 'natural', "But is it natural to be taken and shaken while all that you want is to be charmed by an inexplicable mystery? Good sex is good for health, oh yes. Bad or boring sex is not." But this doesn't mean that we can't learn to satisfy these desires ourselves.
Calls for the reform of the Church from within have been ignored, if not actively silenced over the last 30 years or so. Only those who support a sort of mushrooming hierarchy of powerful prelates and dreadnaught Vatican dogma flourished under the dead-leaf papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.