Cherry Healey

TV presenter Cherry Healey loves lazy days, comfy socks and crisp cocktails on the sofa with her family.
A third of us would consider missing a party this Christmas - simply because of a lack of confidence when we're on our period. A huge 3 in 4 women expect their sanitary protection to fail them at some point while they are on their period, and this is reflected in the kind of underwear ladies turn to during their time of the month.
They say that two of the most stressful things in life are having a baby and moving house. This is hugely daunting and I'm happy to report that it's not true. I recently bought my first home and I wish I hadn't been so intimidated by it. The first port of call is, of course, budget and this is intrinsically linked with the mortgage offer...
This is one of the sentences that I heard most often whilst making the new series Old Before My Time. On one hand I understand its meaning - there is no point in wasting our precious time on this great Earth by fretting and worrying. But on the other hand, I think it's an incredibly unhelpful modern statement. Yes we only live once, so surely it's worth looking after ourselves so we can make the most of it? If we only get one run at life, surely we want the longest and least sickly stint possible?!
Pretty much anything that saves time and money now I'm a mum is generally given a big, universal thumbs up. So when I was set the challenge of spending 24 hours carrying out only online transactions and then comparing it with 24 hours entirely offline to see which one really gives you value for money, I jumped at the chance. I was surprised to hear that, whilst 43.5million adults (86%) in the UK have used the internet, 7.1million people aren't online and, as someone who is probably slightly addicted to the internet, I wondered whether I had become too dependent on online activities.
The aim of this day is to raise awareness to the fact that millions of girls around the world are denied the access to education.
Last week, TV presenter and HuffPost blogger Cherry Healey was on the hunt for professional journalists to interview about
How is it acceptable in any way to tell your girlfriend that you'll leave her unless she is completely bare down there? What does it say about your feelings for her? What does it say about you as a person, if hair is such a big concern?
But whilst quick fixes may solve one problem they often bring with them another... which may require yet another substance or solution to deal with that problem... and so on, and so on. Which is great news for the people selling the solutions and not so great for us.
As a drug policy pedant, it was with great interest that I noted BBC Three's Free Speech were to address the drugs debate - the discourse had raged on Free Speech's social media and blogs for a few weeks prior to the show.