"They'll tell you having kids is the best thing they ever did after complaining about them nonstop and yelling at them all the time."
"I wonder why this term is used to describe adults who have an abundance of other qualities, characteristics and roles in their life."
Are you worried you might one day have "parenting FOMO"? Here's what you should do.
It's hard to live with the ambiguity of not being ready for kids but afraid you'll regret not having them someday.
"I went and talked to the only person I felt might really understand my need to not mother: my mother."
These common questions and comments may seem innocent, but can actually do a lot of harm.
A Mumsnet thread sparked debate after a child-free user shared their gripe with the popular phrase.
"We should have our own suburb where we can just be quiet and undisturbed."
Reminder: having children is a personal – not a community – decision.