Claudio Ranieri

The Premier League was the first top-flight title Ranieri has lifted, so the forthcoming season is as alien to him as it is to the Leicester supporters. The first assignment will be to persevere through a trying pre-season of speculation and counter-speculation to portray a togetherness and keep producing the fairytale football that shaped the most compelling narrative last season.
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Ranieri said he has gone from being the 'tinkerman' to the 'thinkerman', and it sums up his season perfectly. His whole career has been based on adjusting his teams, but this time he kept the team the same and adjusted himself. It's beautiful in it's simplicity, but brilliant in its execution.
The Foxes have proven that passion and strong teamwork can transform dreams into reality. If your small business is taking off, getting the right structure and conventions in place now can help you preserve the organic impetus that got your business where it is today. Who knows, maybe in a few years you'll be leading the pack...?
Labour have a pedigree of winning the biggest prize, in our case a General Election, in Leicester's the Premiership. If fact we've won 9 since 1945, for Leicester this is their first. Labour should have the winning expectations of a Celtic or Rangers, not a rank outsider.
On the other side of the coin, spending big and adding too many new faces could just as easily wreck everything that has been built. But again, as things stand, the current Leicester side has a limited shelf life. What it really comes down to is how this season and its significant achievements are viewed within the club. Is this the pinnacle, or is it only the beginning?
If Leicester win the Premier League this season - and it looks as though they will - it'll be because they've been the best team in almost every single aspect of the game, and they've adapted to each situation that's been thrown at them like a bunch of freaky human-chameleon hybrids.
Leicester will teach us this season - if they go on to complete the job - that dreams, no matter how unlikely, can come true. And whether it's the popular decision or not, Claudio Ranieri and the club are absolutely correct to not stand in the player's way if he decides to move on. This sport is all about achieving dreams, and Riyad Mahrez has earned the right to continue chasing his.
From here, Leicester's path to the title is tricky. They've got a decent run of fixtures to get themselves back on track, but what could have been a massive lead in the league has been reduced to a single kick - with the pair of north London clubs playing hound and horse to Ranieri's Foxes.
When Nigel Pearson left Leicester City after his off-field antics became too much for the club to tolerate, fans were a little wary of who would be brought in to replace him. Various names were thrown around including, hilariously, Jurgen Klopp before Claudio Ranieri was appointed.