Clean Air Act

When it comes to having choices life in Britain appears at first to be saturated. Whether it’s the cereal we will have for
A toxic air alert has been issued for eight London boroughs as Mayor Sadiq Khan warned of a “public health emergency.” The
To save lives, but also to put London at the forefront of a clean vehicle revolution and spare its air pollution shame, the Mayor of London needs to introduce a ban on the dirtiest vehicles being used in the capital.
What happens now the country has voted to leave the EU? Well, EU air pollution limits were transposed into UK law, so technically they still stand. But dealing with air pollution will require a step change in transport policy. We need to get the most polluting bangers off the road, incentivise cleaner electric and hybrid vehicles, invest in public transport, create clean air zones and encourage people to walk and cycle for shorter journeys.
Londoners are right to demand vision and leadership from their mayor. This is one of the world's great cities, and it faces huge challenges today. But making our future the best it possibly can be is part of what being a Londoner is all about.
These economic priorities will run in concert with, not be road-blocked by, my desire to make London a greener place to live and work. That must be the balanced approach that any Mayor makes to the capital's multi-faceted challenges, and I look forward to showing why I am uniquely suited to rise to that task.