Your personal radiation treatments will be based on careful review of your pathology information that will identify the type of breast cancer, size of the cancer, location and other prognostic information that will help your medical team plan your care.
Photo Doris Oberfrank-List If you saw people chatting, smiling, perhaps even laughing, visibly enjoying each other's company
The exchange so fascinated me that it succeeded in briefly slowing my power-walk down to a leisurely stroll (unheard of during the morning rush hour in London!) before I was once again swept up in the unrelenting tide of fellow commuters.
Experts who carried out the study found overall, some of these phrases have a much greater impact on women than they do on men, with around 18 per cent more affected than men by what others say to them in times of need.
When was the last time you actually sat still for one moment? In the busyness of our daily lives, this can be very difficult, especially if you do not want to feel uncomfortable emotions. However, the ironic thing is that in order to deal with the uncomfortable emotions - whatever they may be - they need to be felt - not ignored.
It's easy now for Theresa May to mock the skinny-jeaned hipsters buying their Starbucks lattes when they're not loitering outside St Paul's, but it may not be so for much longer. Whilst the Occupy movement and it's offshoots might seem at times a little try-hard, with its smartphone-clutching legions marshalled forth by Twitter and Facebook, anybody who wants change needs them to keep shouting.