Ethical fashion shouldn't be about denying yourself a few little luxuries, it should be about making better choices. Be aware of where your clothes come from and how they're made, put pressure on brands to do better, and buy what you will love for always, not just for today.
A week on from the launch of the iPhone 5 - Apple's most eagerly anticipated launch since... well, the iPhone 4 - and what have we learned?
Don't worry your pretty little head, because I'm typing this on Dell's Della computer that is delicately pink to suit women's tastes, and I'm in a room decorated in a paint "for girls" ("but boys can use it too", which is really generous of the Annie Sloan paint company to say).
Today it was Customer Service Day at my branch of Bank of Scotland. I know this because my visit - or if you will, 'customer experience' - was out of the ordinary. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that not only was it different to the other 300 or so visits I've made, but it was also the singular occasion when it was different in any respect at all.
Some toothpastes have 'whitening' as a bonus feature, and some have 'extra-whitening'. Some have no whitening at all. What is the correct amount of whitening to expect from a toothpaste? And if your toothpaste doesn't offer whitening, what colour will your teeth be?
I believe that the riots were, in part at least, a consequence of keeping people in a permanently dissatisfied state and persuading them that their lives will be improved by owning something they haven't got, can't afford and almost certainly don't need.
We are living through a time of endless choice and unlimited convenience. Whether we're deciding on cars, mobile phones, holidays or simply which sandwich to have for lunch, the range of available options can be genuinely overwhelming. Yet with so much effort dedicated to giving us what we want, and enjoying unprecedented levels of income, entertainment, and calories as 21st century Britons, we don't appear any happier for it. In return for having Everything Now, we have to work harder and longer. According to the TUC, UK employees work some of the longest hours in Europe, so it's no surprise that unhappiness at work is often cited as a major cause of this broader discontent.
Is the future of our flag in jeopardy? Has our flag become a logo that flogs cheap apparel during times of nationalism decided by marketing teams? If Scotland gain independence do we need to change the flag?
Being a 33-year-old exhibiting no signs of reproduction has taught me a lot about how far feminism still has to go and about the expectations of the current moment, expectations about what being a woman is, or indeed about what being a proper person is.
At last there is reason to be cheerful. CPI has fallen from 4.2% in December to 3.6% in January, and for that we should be thankful. The Bank of England is thankful all right. In their eyes this is ample justification for them to extend their Quantitative Easing programme and purchase a further £50bn of gilts.