I once worked with a girl who, when a stunning Valentine's bouquet was delivered for her, remained unmoved. I asked why, only to be told she'd let her suitor know exactly what she wanted, most importantly that the flowers be delivered so the entire office got a good look at them. She might as well have kicked romance up the arse.
It's a well-known fact we just keep accumulating more "stuff". Or is it? It seems that material consumption in the UK might
It's not like Christmas has been consigned to the attic with the tacky, old decorations but it does beg the question; is consumerism discarding Christmas as we know it and gradually turning it into one massive retail event? The balance with the Christmas and consumerism certainly needs re-adjusting.
Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters, the magazine that sparked off the Occupy Wall Street movement, talks consumerism, advertising
We can mourn for Steve Jobs, but we shouldn't ignore the moral problems posed by the high-priest of tech-cool.
New findings from the European College of Psychopharmacology reports that 164.8 million Europeans - 38.2% of the population
August is supposed to be a dead month, news-wise: 'silly season', the political commentators call it. But with the violence of a teenager throwing a wheelie bin through the window of JJB Sports, that rule has been destroyed.
When examining the conduct of the looters over the last three days, the common attitude towards the actions are that it was 'mindless.' Not only were expensive electronics and clothes stores targeted, but specifically products that tend to target young people were stolen from around the country.
I'd like to be a satisfied unconsumer. I've given up on the prospect of ever becoming a satisfied consumer since consumerism