The 19-year-old can now return home, after Judge Michalis Papathanasiou told her he was giving her a “second chance”.
The 80-year-old died shortly after his conviction for a 1972 rape.
ANC Youth League branch leader Patrick Wisani was found guilty of sjambokking Nosipho Mandeleleni to death.
There is a point on every course where the penny drops. On every course, without exception, someone will tell us that, if they had known what they have learnt from us when they first started driving, they would not have offended.
If you drink alcohol, and sometimes have several drinks late into the evening, then drive your car in the morning, you are risking a drink-drive limit shock. Alcohol impairs driving, so the consequences for you, your loved ones, or complete strangers could be serious, or even fatal. It may not be just your licence that you lose.
It is time to focus on the quality of delivery, not issue new policy documents. The process to review and support practitioners working in these specialised courts, which used to be in place and was abandoned, needs to be revitalised. And in revitalising that, the courts themselves need to be re-energised and need to look at new developments in the evidence
Very often, people's views are pretty black and white when it comes to feminist debates. People generally agree or disagree
Thomas Lubanga, a former rebel leader from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been convicted of kidnapping children and
Mandatory life sentences for murder in England and Wales are both unjust and outdated, legal experts have said. The Homicide